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Personnel : Chris Brown

Availability: Winter 2013

From this page you can download the profile of Chris Brown. This is the copyright of Sharpedge Engineering Limited but distribution is allowed based upon the following restrictions. If you are unable to agree to these conditions, please do not download the profile, but contact us to discuss it.

Licence Agreement


The Company: Sharpedge Engineering Limited.
Client: A company or individual potentially requiring the services of the Company.
Agency: A company or individual attempting to match the Company with a Client.

You are not authorised to change, store, copy or pass on this profile except under the conditions set out below. The storage of this profile on any computer system is deemed to be acceptance of these terms. The storage of this profile in any paper-based filing system for more than 5 days from the date of receipt is deemed to be acceptance of these terms. Sending this document to any third party (with the exception of a Lawyer) is deemed acceptance of these terms.

Any Agency is hereby granted rights to distribute this profile under the following conditions:

Please note for your records the opt out statement below for myself and my company as recommended by the Professional Contractors Group:

We hereby give notice, pursuant to regulation 32 of the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003 ("the Regulations") that both Chris Brown and Sharpedge Engineering do not wish the Regulations to apply to any engagements through your agency.

If you agree to the conditions, then you may download the consultant profile of Chris Brown now (Windows RTF format, 3 pages, 68,941 bytes).

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