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About Pentica Communications

Pentica Communications is an off-shoot of Pentica Systems, the well-known microprocessor emulator manufacturer.

Pentica Communications sold a rebadged intelligent phone directory product, the Protem 100, which allowed telephone numbers to be dialled automatically using a database of names, and apportioned billing information according to various programmable rules.

Project Information

We were involved with Pentica Communications from March 1991 until April 1991.

We performed the hardware and software development of an optically isolated data interface between a PC and the Protem 100, a microprocessor-based telecommunications product. It allowed data to be transferred from one of the units into a PC so that further units could be cloned, or permitted the data in existing units to be backed up.

The PC program was written in Borland C and used the Greenleaf serial communications library. It controlled the hardware of the product and gave a menu-driven user interface.

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