Sharpedge Engineering Limited Client Portfolio:

Lynwood Scientific

About Lynwood Scientific

Lynwood Scientific is a manufacturer of advanced VDU terminals.

Project Information

We were involved with Lynwood Scientific from April 1991 until November 1991.

We assisted Lynwood in the development of the LPT500, an add-on PC board which allowed a PC to operate as a specialised VDU. The product used existing company VDU technology running standard emulation software, but used an efficient dual ported memory scheme to allow the PC monitor to display information.

The board was based upon a Zilog Z8001 processor and was designed to run software written for other dedicated VDU products without alteration. The display memory of the VDU engine was shared with the PC side of the product. Additional software running on the PC interpreted the data written into the shared memory, allowing a sophisticated display to be achieved on the PC monitor.

Assembly language software was written to support the product, and a menu-based test program was written using Microsoft C, allowing the product to be completely self tested.

Some development work was also performed for an X21/X25 fibre-optic data link for a 68030-based Unix TEMPEST workstation for the military market.

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